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who we are

Boating, sailing and sea travel experiences, organized with care, support, provision and style.

Since it’s inception in 2022, Lynk has become one of the main leaders in the yacht chartering industry.

The company which started small has now evolved into a thriving venture, one that’s synonymous with both luxury and ease.

At Lynk, we pride ourselves in the trust acquired from our clients, as a result of the dedication we place into tailoring the ideal day at sea.

Each year more clients decide to embark onto our selection of boats and yachts, and set sail into openness of the Mediterranean.

Our founders visions and the dedication of our team ensures that we remain on the frontline of the industry on a quest that reshapes elegance and comfort at sea


Mattia Camilleri

Meet Matt, the visionary behind Lynk. In January 2022, Matt set sail on his entrepreneurial journey, founding Lynk with a single boat. In just two years, he has navigated the company’s growth to become Malta’s leading boat charter service, boasting a fleet of over 50 boats.

From its humble beginnings, Lynk has evolved under Matt’s leadership into a thriving enterprise. What started as a solo endeavor has blossomed into a robust team of professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences on Malta’s azure waters.

Fuelled by a commitment to continuous improvement, Matt meticulously refines Lynk’s offerings through research and optimization, ensuring a fully integrated model fit for the digital age. Alongside steering the company’s growth, he also spearheads Lynk’s business development efforts, forging new partnerships and opportunities in the industry.

Join Matt and the Lynk team as they set course for new adventures, promising unforgettable experiences on the seas of Malta.

Mattia Camilleri

Founder & CEO
Leonardo Radicchi

Introducing Leo, the creative force behind our charter experiences at Lynk. Partnering with Matt in 2022, we set sail on an exciting journey to redefine boat charters in Malta.

With my background in the catering industry as a head chef and a keen eye for detail, I ensure that every aspect of our charters reflects a commitment to quality and excellence. Together with Matt, the founder of Lynk, we envisioned a new standard of luxury and adventure on Malta’s azure waters.

Our collaboration brings together a passion for hospitality, a love for the sea, and a dedication to providing unforgettable experiences. From the moment you step aboard, you’ll feel the difference in every detail, from the sleek design of our fleet to the personalized service provided by our team.

Join us at Lynk as we embark on a journey to create unforgettable memories on the stunning seas of Malta.

Here’s to exploring the beauty of Malta’s waters and crafting adventures that will last a lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Leonardo Radicchi

Lynk Charters Partner
Boats & Yachts
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